Myxer Review

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PROS / Because of its internet radio status, Myxer's ringtone downloads cover almost every artist and genre. The service also has a library of free sound effect ringtones.

CONS / Myxer offers zero support for the iPhone, which is more a function of Apple's policies than a failing on Myxer's part.

VERDICT / Myxer charges quite a bit more for ringtones than its competitors, but you won't be disappointed with anything Myxer has to offer.

Myxer is a powerhouse among the best ringtone download services, offering a virtual ocean of ringtones to choose from. Add that to a great page design and the unique ability to connect your Facebook account to the service, and you get a product that easily claims our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award for ringtone download services.

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The first thing we should say is that Myxer is more than just a ringtone download service. It’s a social media radio service. It allows you to listen to music for free and share it with your friends on Facebook. It is similar to Pandora, Grooveshark and Spotify in this respect. The difference is that those services don't offer ringtone downloads.

Myxer allows you to make your own ringtones. This is a rare feature among the ringtone sites we reviewed. It's quite easy to use; all you have to do is click on the Make Your Own tab that's available on any page on Myxer's site, then upload the file from your computer you wish to make into a ringtone. Once you've uploaded your file, Myxer displays a waveform of the track. Once you've customized the ringtone to your liking, Myxer will text you with instructions on how to download the ringtone to your phone.

Additionally, Myxer allows you to purchase full MP3 songs along with your ringtones, as well as videos, apps and wallpapers for your smartphone. The library of apps is compatible with most phones that run any non-iOS operating system. Compatible operating systems include Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm and Symbian. The iPhone is absent from this list, which is understandable because Apple doesn't allow their users to install apps not purchased in its own app store.


As we mentioned earlier, Myxer is a social media radio service. As such, it has access to all the songs and tracks from most the major U.S. record labels. We did a simple search for Boston using Myxer's search bar, and the search yielded three pages of ringtone results for that artist alone. A search for Justin Bieber yielded four pages of results. It’s a fair bet that you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

As far as ringtones go, Myxer is expensive. Some ringtones cost as much as two or three times what other services charge. However, if you already own the song or sound you want as a ringtone, simply use the Make Your Own feature, which is free. No need to pay again for a ringtone of a song you already purchased.

Myxer offers more than just songs. This ringtone download service has a plethora of sound effect ringtones. When you navigate to the sound effects section, you'll be pleased to find that most of the simple ringers are free. This takes a little sting off the expense of the musical ringtones.

Compatibility & Billing

Myxer is compatible with all the major cell phone carriers, so no matter who your carrier is, charges for Myxer's ringtones can be added directly to your wireless bill. It's also one of the only services in our review that optimizes your ringtone for the exact model of phone you have. It even has diagrams of phones in case you don't know the exact make and model of your phone. Again, no iPhone support for Myxer. However, you can download the ringtones directly to your hard drive and synchronize them with iTunes. This takes longer than we generally like, but it’s the only way around the issue with Apple's compatibility.

Ease of Use

All of Myxer's features are available from any page on the site. This makes the service easy to navigate. Furthermore, the company's Facebook makes it easy to share what music you're listening to with your friends. The search function is as simple as typing in your artist or song you want in the search bar. The search results typically take less than a second, and the process of downloading the ringtones takes less than a minute.


Help & Support

Of the ringtone download services we reviewed, Myxer has the most effective and helpful online support section. Their knowledgebase is informative and covers all the questions you might have about downloading ringtones. On the off chance you have a problem not covered in the FAQs, you can drop them a line via email. Myxer typically responds in less than 24 hours.


Great selection, easy access to content, the ability to make your own ringtones and a top-notch support knowledgebase make Myxer the best browser-based ringtone download service on the internet.