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Motime Review

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PROS / Songs and tones are plentiful, easy to find and the files are actually the songs that their titles indicate they are.

CONS / The credits system used by this service seems odd. The amount of credits you get increases each month you stay with the service. As a result, your monthly fee is worth less in your first month than it is in your second month.

 VERDICT / If you can wrap your mind around exactly how many credits you're buying, you'll find that this site is a sufficient resource for finding the most ringtones you're looking for.

Most ringtone download services are simple animals. You sign up for a monthly plan and you get a certain number of downloads to your mobile phone; Motime follows this model. You have the ability to easily find tones by browsing by artist, genre, top tones and more. A search bar also allows you to search by artist, title or keyword.

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Motime doesn't publish the exact number of available ringtones. However, we browsed and searched for a while on Motime and found almost everything we were looking for. The ringtones Motime lists as popular songs are in fact the songs named. Other sites will call a ringtone by the name of a popular song, but the tone in no way resembles its namesake. This may seem quite basic, but we've been surprised by ringtones that purport themselves to be a hit song but sound like they were a made by a children's keyboard in the 1980s. Fortunately, you won't have to worry about this with Motime.

Charges for this download service are billed through your mobile carrier. All the nationwide mobile phone providers are compatible with Motime. Additionally, there are some lesser-used and regional carriers on their compatibility list. Compatible providers include AT&T, Boost, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile and more.

Motime’s service plan is unique among the download sites we reviewed. The membership is month-to-month, and the cost is on par with most other services. However, the amount of credits you receive increases by ten credits each month. This is an interesting way to reward customer loyalty. However, the whole credit system strikes us as something of a gimmick since it makes it difficult to determine exactly how much you pay for each ringtone you download.

In addition to ringtones, Motime provides other content you can download to your mobile phone. It has a good amount of wallpapers and screen savers. You also have the ability to install games and apps. The games are compatible with most HTC phones. Additionally, there is gallery of apps for smartphones running the Android operating system. However, iPhone users are left in the lurch here.


Motime is an adequate service. It's easy to use and has a good library of songs and tones for you to choose from. It's far from comprehensive, but at least it has actual songs in its library, not cheap knock-offs. Their credit structure is hard to understand because it changes from month to month. Aside from this complication, Motime has some good things going for it.