Flycell Review

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PROS / Flycell has a comprehensive library of ringtones by many popular and obscure artists. The tracks are clean and sound great.

CONS / In our experience, the search bar did not work, forcing us to manually browse the massive library alphabetically by artist. This worked but it was more of a pain than we generally like.

VERDICT / The sheer volume of content provided by Flycell is almost enough to forgive the imperfections in the site design. We also like the choice in payment options.

Flycell is a typical mobile content download service. They offer several types of media for cell phones, including ringtone download services, wallpapers for smartphones, and animations and themes you can apply to compatible handsets. Additionally, Flycell provides a selection of games for featured phones as well as apps for smartphones running the Android operating system.

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The service organizes ringtones in a logical, orderly fashion. In our testing, the search bar didn't work. This may have been a fluke, but we were forced to browse for songs using the artist list. This sounds easy, but the breath of their library made our search somewhat of a chore. For example, when we tried to find tracks by Justin Bieber, we didn't know whether to look under J or B. This may seem like a small thing, but it can add minutes to a your search that would otherwise be very quick.

We did ultimately find Justin (under J, at the very bottom), and there appeared to be four whole pages of ringers of his dulcet tones. The ringtones on the first page worked well and the previews allowed us to listen to the whole track, which sounded excellent. However, when we tried to navigate to the second page, we were greeted by a long wait time and no content. It took three tries before the content loaded on the second page and we were able to preview the ringtones. This problem was replicated with most of the artists we searched for.

Search problems aside, the selection of musical ringtones is worlds better than the services ranked below Flycell in our review of the best ringtone download services. We searched for songs and artists for a good hour or so and found almost everything we were looking for. Our only disappointment is that Flycell doesn't offer any ringtones for The Beatles. In fairness, the Fab Four are notorious for keeping their digital downloads close to the chest.

Another positive note for Flycell is that they offer two methods of payment. You can pay with a credit card or you can join their club and allow the service to debit your cell phone bill $monthly. If you go this route, you'll pay for your ringtones with their in-store credit. While the latter option is the one most frequently used by ringtone download services, we like the option to pay for a single track without having to join a club or pay a monthly fee.


There is a lot to like about Flycell. This ringtone download service has a vast library you can literally get lost in. This is also its downfall. The lack of a reliable search bar and inconsistent page loading made our search for ringtones frustrating. In the end, we did find most of what we were looking for – eventually.